What we do

At Ponalab, our efforts are dedicated towards helping crop and livestock farmers with the widest variety of safe, yet efficacious products and solutions. Our principal objective is to make possible, sustainable organic farming, by maximising the output, while minimising the reliance on natural resources. Our products are aimed at promoting growth, resisting pests and parasites, and preventing diseases. Some of our focus areas include:

  • High-yield GMO and non-GMO seeds
  • Efficient crop solutions that are aimed at maximising yield. These include fertilizers, pesticides, seed and foliar disease resistance treatments, and soil treatments
  • Animal growth and output enhancing products that are free of antibiotics, steroids and other undesirable ingredients

Technology focus

We combine elite cutting-edge technology and our experience in research and development to create products that cater to the precise requirement of each aspect of farming. Whether it is

  • Innovative pest control
  • Disease resistance
  • GMO seeds
  • Seed and root treatments
  • Soil Treatments
  • Animal products

Our products are all subject to the kind of testing and validation that ensures the end user is not compromised in the name of innovation.

Customer Commitment

Whether it is combating insects, controlling weeds, or for that matter increasing yield, we are committed to ensuring farmers are getting the most produce from every acre of land, and every single animal. Ponalab solutions are aimed at

  • Seeds – Ensuring better germination, better ratio of saplings to full-grown crops, and optimum yield per crop
  • Fertilizers – Providing required nourishment to the crops without damaging the soil quality in the longer run
  • Pesticides – Fighting parasites, disease causing germs, defoliators, and other insects that damage the crops or the produce
  • Growth agents – Promoting growth without the use of any chemical additives that may affect the quality of produce
  • Animal products – that help promote growth, improve health and enhance disease resistance without the use of ingredients that are harmful to the animal, or the animal product.

As we say it, if you will reap what you sow, sow the high-yield variety. At Ponalab we have  invested copious amounts of time and effort into understanding the relationship between seed quality and yield, thus our seeds, whether GMO or otherwise, have the following salient qualities:

  • Higher germination rate and better ratio between saplings and fully grown crops. Our research has helped us create seeds that grow better and produce better quality output, without sacrificing the soil quality, or the subsequent crops.
  • Greater resistance to pests and diseases – the good quality seeds, along with our seed and root treatments ensure every seed counts. Our products are so efficacious that we take pride in our ability to help farmers realise greater yield without breaking the bank for it.
  • Greater tolerance to drought and pests – our seeds are innately stronger and resilient – but when used along with our insect and germ protection solutions, even arid lands can be developed into lush farms. And this, without the need to pay exorbitant prices that often make the pressure on farmers unbearable.

The word Organic, has a special place in our hearts and minds – thus, at Ponalab, we try to leverage the power of biologicals at every stage of our product development process. The jargon aside, chemical based pesticides and insecticides often find their way into the produce – a definite undesirable. Biological products however, have their specific targets in the pests and only pervade their bodies, leaving the crop pristine and pure, while wreaking utter havoc in the pests. Some of our biological crop protection solutions include:

  • Pest parasites – they are amazing little creatures! For starters, they are deadly parasites to root grubs, white flies, defoliators and leaf miners. They enter the pests, reproduce within them and secrete bacteria that are toxic to the pest. They also reproduce this way, sustaining themselves at the expense of the pest and none of the farmer. These Nematodes are sold under the following product categories – Aarmour, Diganth, Brutus, Pona bossy, and Nemaerazer.
  • Bacterial and Fungal Disease Control – Our brands, Kausshik, Trivikram and Chitanya, use Pseudomonas and Trichoderma genera of fungi that help control crop diseases by preventing spore germination, right up to preventing the sporulation as well. The products can be applied as a preventive or curative measure, and for the eradication of the pests as well.
  • Disease Prevention: Our seed and root treatment product Vihaan, is a combination of beneficial bacteria, fungi and antibacterial plant extracts that imbue the seeds and saplings with disease and pest resistance, while also imbibing the aspects of preventive pest treatments.
  • Plant and Soil Nutrient Management – Nitrogen boosting fertilizers often cause nitrification at the lower levels of the soil, often rendering the land useless to the farmers in the long run. Our products ranging from concentrated Humus to beneficial bacteria and fungi help the soil regenerate faster and better, without compromising on long-term sustainability.

From the time that we started mixing oils and water, we’ve been on the hunt for the best emulsifiers for each application. Having said that, Ponalab focuses on developing organic surfactants and emulsifiers for a wide variety of applications, without the environmental hazards from a macro ecological perspective, and the risk of these finding their way into produce, from a farmer-consumer perspective. Some of the applications are below:

  • Biological surfactants for increasing active surface area of soil and foliar treatments that are sprayed on soil and crop surfaces.
  • Organic emulsifiers to help combine our bio pesticides, fertilizers and other products with water, cow dung slurry etc.

Our expertise in agricultural products started with seeds and fertilizers, and over the years, Ponalab has made a headway into organic fertilizers and biological products that have helped farmers with sustainable organic farming, using our range of biofertilizers and organic fertilizer products that include:

  • Microbial and fungal fertilizers – based on nitrogen, and phosphorus fixing bacteria and fungi that help in converting soil minerals into available nutrients that crops can absorb
  • Soil treatment products that are a combination of plant extracts, helpful bacteria and fungi, these products help farmers decrease the risk of root based diseases as well as eliminate weeds and other pests.

At Ponalab, we take our organic mantra quite seriously. And we have found that the typical underhand tactics of steroids, antibiotics and other undesirable elements that ultimately find their way into the food products that are made from animals, are both ineffective in the long term, as well as disappointing in the effect they have as “growth agents”. This is because we have seen how safe, yet effective organic supplements and probiotics can do a significantly better job of making animals resistant to diseases and parasites while promoting their growth, health and ultimately, the farmer’s profit. We currently develop feed additives for:

  • Poultry
  • Swine and Cattle