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What is Tuta

The worst nightmare of any farmer. A moth belonging to the Gelechiidae family, also known as the tomato leaf miner or the South American Tomato Moth, this pest has a voracious appetite for destruction.

Why are they such a pest?

These moths, from larvae to adults feed relentlessly on every part of the plant, from leaves to stalks to raw and ripe fruit. Crop damage due to Tuta is usually 100%.

Where are they wreaking their havoc?

Everywhere! They were known to be denizen to South America, hence the name. However, they are now well established in Central Europe, and have found their way as far east as Iran, Afghanistan and Russia.

When does Tuta take on pandemic proportions?

Sadly, all through the year because they can raise as many as 8 broods every year and the crops are prone to destruction at every stage of their life-cycle.

Who can do something about Tuta?

Evidently very few because they have developed resistance to Organophosphate and Pyrethroid based pesticides. While there are claims of Spinosad, Imidacloprid and Bacillus thuringiensis providing some form of protection, but there is no known evidence to the efficiency of these new pesticides.

How do farmers rid themselves of the Tuta menace?

The only known and efficient method is through the Catchtuta-9 pheromone that attracts the adult moths to traps where they can be killed. This approach is brutally efficient as well as simple and cost-efficient.

Pesticides are alien compounds and efficient pests are quick to adapt and develop resistance to them. But when you derive your killer from their own body composition, the method is fool proof.

The CatchTuta-9 lure comprises multiple compounds released by the moth, with the active ingredient being the sex hormone released during the mating season. This is the fatal attraction that draws the moths to their destruction.


Once the moth is on the Catchtuta-9 trail escape is impossible. The traps, whether mere sticky paper or a bowl full of water, it is more than sufficient to kill the moth.

At Ponalab Bio Growth, we specialize in isolating and chemically synthesizing the precise pheromone CatchTuta-9, as well as the traps that are most efficient in eliminating Tuta absoluta from your farms.

Note: Catch Tuta 9 is not available in geographies where US Patents are enforceable