poultry feed

At Ponalab, our principal motive force is our love for farming, whether it is plants or animals, we love to nurture them, grow and flaunt them so to speak. Thus our solutions for livestock farmers is designed to

  • Promote growth
  • Build resistance to diseases
  • Promote weight gain
  • Make them look and feel as good as they should

At Ponalab, we understand that there is the easy way and the right way. Most folks succumb to some of the oldest tricks in the book, such as using antibiotics, steroids as a simpler means to help them gain weight or soda-loaded poultry feed to promote egg laying.

We love our animals like we love our children and hence none of our animal feed products contain anything that we would not use ourselves. Not to forget though, we have the advantage of our expertise as well as our research and development initiatives that give us better – far better solutions that achieve true growth.