At Ponalab, we believe that true goodness is one that brings lasting happiness. We do understand what nothing is everlasting. But why not try to make it last longer? This is the question that drives our Research and Development endeavours.

In every solution that we offer, we try to make sure they are not like the typical instructions you find on the containers of cosmetics – aimed primarily at helping you empty the bottle at the earliest so you’d have to buy again.

At Ponalab, everything we offer is usually built to last.

A simple example could be our products. With each, what we aim to achieve is:

Pesticides that also build disease and pests resistance

Soil treatments that prevent the future growth of pathogens and pests

At the end of the day, our primary goal is not to maximize the longevity of the positive effect of our solutions.


At Ponalab, with a thousand apologies for the sad cliché, we say our solutions are designed to be solutionable.

At Ponalab we believe, to increase your outlay on solutions where not exactly necessary is in direct conflict with our first guiding value of sustainability. You should not have to maintain a dozen cats to catch a dozen rats…One good cat should do the job and do it well.

We hence use our innovation and Research and Development oriented approach to make sure we give you the right cat for the job.

At all events, our solutions address specific as well as associated issues of farmers. Another primary criteria that drove us to have “solutionability” as one of our guiding values is this fact.

Any marketer could justify from a business perspective, that it is fair to package solutions to individual problems and expect their customers to cough up for every last one of them.

When we package a solution, we take into consideration the geography, topography of the farm, as well as the demographics of the typical problems faced by farmers in the region.


Since this word as both a concept and a business catch phrase has been done to death, let us just use this space for reiterating that at the end of the day,

  • It doesn’t matter that we are ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • It shouldn’t matter to you if we have invested millions in cleanroom facilities
  • And it certainly wouldn’t matter if we have strived for years or even centuries to develop the solutions we offer

The only thing that matters to us is the value our solutions add to your lives. The smile they bring to your lips when you see them in action.

At Ponalab, we believe that whether we deliver our solutions in chests brocaded with Gold and encrusted with dazzling diamonds and fiery rubies, or in functional packaging, they ought to do their job.

Whether we are technologically light-years ahead, or just about on par with everyone else, if our cat catches the rat, without pooping on the carpet or stealing milk and chicken from the kitchen, our solutions are of good quality.

If they don’t, we could pound our chests and scream from the rooftops all we want about our quality consciousness and processes. Facts won’t change.