At Ponalab, we claim to be good at our job. Our job of protecting you from the pests and the problems in farming.

To fulfill this promise to you, we take inspiration from the Art of War by Sun Tzu. We have tailored our solutions for both agrarian and livestock farmers to be swift, precise and deadly when it comes to beating the enemy because as Tzu says, the longer the war, the greater the losses.

But how do we make our fight swift and decisive?

We are an organization that has its founding principles in Research and Development. Each and every solution of ours is thus a product of conscious and structured research.

What we achieve with this is precision. Our solutions act where they should, on precisely what they should and most importantly, with minimal or no collateral damage.

Precision guided pesticides require the same precision and dedication when it comes to developing them. At Ponalab, we take pride in our processes that are certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant, giving you the guarantee of purity, precision and in essence, perfection.

Pheromone Lures and Traps are tailored to specific pests. Our revolutionary Tuta absoluta lure and our patent pending trap design stand testimony to our core values of quality and dedication.