Our Commitments

brinjal capsicum

At the heart of Ponalab is a clearly thought out and well articulated belief that our existence is to help farmers thrive. This belief percolates down to our day-to-day activities as:

  • We shall deal with integrity and ensure all of our actions are those that we will be proud to see as news headlines the next day. We exhort our team members to use the news headline as a means to distinguish between what would be appropriate to think, speak, and act, and what would not.
  • We shall respect our customers as well as ourselves in all of our dealings. We believe that providers and consumers exist in togetherness and we understand that it is this togetherness that builds business. Thus we shall treat our customers as fairly as we will treat ourselves.
  • We shall be honest in everything we say, and make sure we give all stakeholders the complete picture there is.

Our foremost founding principle is sustainability, which we have woven into our very motto “Sustainable Farming”. Our endeavours are dedicated towards the attainment of sustainability in every aspect of agriculture, to maximize yield and quality of output with optimum if not minimum usage of natural resources. Our product lines aim to help farmers achieve their objectives without damaging the ecosystem, and if possible in a manner that helps their farms regenerate while delivering the goods.

Whether soil regeneration, crop growth products, seed and sapling treatments, or for that matter our poultry, cattle and swine growth agents, each of our products are developed after extensive thought and application of this principle. Some of our efforts that stand testimony to our commitment to sustainability include:

  • Our soil regeneration product based on humic acid that helps soil recover from crops that are soil-nutrient intensive.
  • VIHAAN, our revolutionary seed and root treatment solution developed with knowledge transfer from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), which helps crops develop resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Our animal enzyme product line that helps promote weight gain and health without the use of steroids or any other not-so-acceptable techniques.
  • Our bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and fungicides that ensure maximum efficacy without the toxicity
  • Our pheromone and insect trap solutions that target specific pests and do not cause collateral damage that in turn affects pollination and long-term damage to the ecosystem.

It was a conscious decision to take up a holistic view of farming, when Ponalab strategised its positioning in the market. Thus livestock solutions, especially animal nutrition, became integral part to Ponalab’s research and development endeavours. Our investments in animal husbandry research has shown its results in our products for mixed and animal husbandry farms, that include:

  • Poultry growth products that promote weight gain and better health without the use of antibiotics or steroids that can ultimately affect the quality of the product.
  • Our bovine enzymes and food additives prevent disease and nourish the animals for all-round growth.
  • Our swine solutions help in developing resistance to parasites, while boosting immunity and weight gain.

As is the case with every corporation, we understand that Ponalab has a responsibility towards society – and we strive to give back to the community that helps us prosper:

  • Regular grassroot level training programmes for small and marginal farmers to help them understand the benefits of sustainable farming and how to achieve greater yield without compromising on spending of natural resources.
  • Crop adoption programmes for small and marginal farmers in areas where crops have failed.
  • Free distribution of organic seeds, seed treatment and bio pesticides and fertilizers as incentives to marginal farmers to attend literacy and other educational programmes.