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Sustainable Organic Farming

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Enjoy the fruit of your labor

Without worrying about pests
and disease taking a bite out of it.

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Grow clean, grow healthy

No chemicals, no poisonous pesticides,
just the goodness of Nature!

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The only rotten tomatoes you'll know
will be the movie reviews

Your Tuta woes are history...

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You reap what you sow - they say

So why not sow the
High growth, high yield,
disease and pest
resistant variety?

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No more sour grapes

Get the best out of your fields
greenhouses, or for that matter,
your backyard vegetable patch

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Don't just fatten the calf

Our animal feed products
and enzymes will make them grow
so well, you'll rediscover love
for your animals!

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Like a moth to a flame

Your pests shall be drawn
and dealt with
without mercy.

tomato to be

Please inquire at for information on our halquinol and other livestock feed products.  We make sure that through our products, your livestock are healthy, happy and mind at peace with all below. This in our opinion is the best and most sustainable way to ensure one’s success as a livestock farmer.


At Ponalab, we may be arguably the best providers of comprehensive solutions. But we’re also human – and there are a few cheap thrills that we indulge ourselves in as biochemists. One of them is our pride in being precise with out pheromones.

Whether it’s the Tuta absoluta sex pheromone, or a strange little insect exclusive to your backyard, as far fetched as it may sound, we can give you the precise pheromone lure and also device the trap for it.

Make sustainable solutions to today’s farming requirements.

Whether you grow field crops, have a greenhouse, raise livestock or with a vegetable patch in your backyard, we can help you. Our solutions are driven towards optimizing the cost:output ratio of every agrarian activity.

At Ponalab, our emphasis on Research and Development have allowed us to design comprehensive solutions to the typical problems faced by farmers across the world.

From biofertilizers to hybrid seeds, and livestock feed products to specialized pheromone lures and traps for pests, all the way to hybrid high-yield, disease and pest-resistant seeds, we are your one-stop shop for everything related to farming.